About us

Nyathi Branding was started early 2020 in the midst of the pandemic where we offered customised logo mats for social distancing and anti -bacterial mats which catered to save in the midst of the terrifying times. By the end of the year we had diversified to custom entrance mats, household mats, school mats and industrial mats. Now we have added a number of products to our range which you will find on our product list.

Matting has been important in the industry in commercial buildings, households and not to forget health sectors. Custom logo gives companies vivid marketing presence at the same time they cater with dirt trapping abilities . We have a team of passionate specialist to ensure all products are the best quality. We have managed to have clients national wide and now we even expanding regional where we have supplied Zambia , Mozambique, Botswana e.t.c.

Quality has always been our priority and we now we manufacture best entrance mats, logo mats and personalised gifts.

Some of our Clients are below:

Being the face of change, unique branding capabilities. Nyathi Branding & flooring has the best flooring solutions and quality branding . We aspiring to be leaders in branding and carpet providers in the continent and international markets in respect. Addressing our client needs and providing cost effective solutions. Nyathi Branding and Flooring offers unique and customized branding and matting solutions for companies, retailers, households etc.

Branding made simple. Bringing you the best quality, unique new look with passion, integrity, respect and diversity.