Coir Mats

Coir mat is constructed from coconut husk fibers secured in heavy-duty vinyl backing. This process makes coir mats ideal scraper mats, which effectively remove dirt, debris and moisture from shoes. Coir matting is a time-tested and durable form of entrance matting.

• These floor mats are quite resilient and greatly resist wear.

• The deep pile coir mat construction traps and holds dirt particles below the surface.

• Natural color available in 17mm, 20mm and 23mm thicknesses.

• Ideal for moderate to heavy-traffic, indoor / outdoor areas.

From R499.00

These commercial-grade coir mats are constructed slightly differently from residential coir matting. One of the main differences between the two is that the coir fibers are vertically embedded in a durable vinyl backing so that they stick straight up in this commercial-grade version (whereas the coco fibers are longer and interwoven in a traditional residential version and thus do not use a solid backing). So, to answer the question, these coir floor mats would not allow dirt, debris or moisture to flow through.
Coir Mats aggressively scrape dirt and debris from shoes which then fall into the mat and get trapped so as not to get tracked inside. The most effective way to clean these mats is to shake them out/beat them just like you'd beat an area rug. Of course, they can also be vacuumed for day-to-day dust and dirt. For a deeper cleaning, coir matting can also be sprayed with a hose and air dried.