Custom Industrial Mats

BM Industrial mats are one of the highest quality logo mats, well suited for highly trafficked areas. The dense high/low surface pattern on these logo mats work hard to scrape shoes and remove dirt, debris, and moisture.

• Ideal for high-traffic, indoor / outdoor areas

NT Industrial can be manufactured up to 4.2m wide and up to 35m Length.

UV-stabilizers make this logo mat resistant to fading, even in direct sunlight, as well as fast drying.

Logo Mat's solution dyed fiber is coarse enough to effectively clean moisture and dirt from shoes and hide the appearance of walking patterns.

• Made with heavy duty beveled edging around all borders.

100% Polypropylene multipurpose mat, protects surfaces,

has rubber edging and backing to prevent slip and fall, and

provide grip | Made from Stainproof Miracle Fibre™.